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  • Their resurgence has been surprising, because in a world of sturdy Red Wing boots or Colorado tan Caterpillars, there’s something flat about Shop UGG Slippers. “It’s a reaction against the structured boot that’s become a staple of a man’s winter wardrobe,” thinks GQ columnist Justin Myers, aka The Guyliner. In the years since the Ugg was at its peak, the silhouette in men’s fashion has gone from pencil thin and tight to David Byrne-wide and expansive, and so it would make sense that as your trousers and coat get bigger, so too do your shoes.

    Ms. O’Donnell admits that the brand is “in the early stages” of converting men to UGG Slippers For Sale. The goals include persuading more influencers to post photos of themselves wearing the shoes on social media or to venture out in public strategically shod as bait for the paparazzi. Ugg targets everyone from “micro influencers”—those with under 10,000 devoted Instagram followers—to celebrities, including rapper Lil Yachty, whose follower counts are in the millions. In exchange for passively advocating Uggs, these influencers get product, or, if their audience is robust, money.

    The story of UGG Slippers Cheap began, incongruously, on the beach. The boots emerged in the 1970s amongst Australian surfers, who embraced them as a comfy and warm post-surfing footwear fix. Brian Smith, one Australian surfer living in Santa Monica, California, saw that they were catching on in the US and began importing the boots from Australia, selling them to local surf shops and out of a van at surf competitions. He later set up Ugg Holdings Inc in Southern California, where the company is still based, and registered the Ugg trademark.

    Still, the aesthetic appeal (or non-appeal) of the Ugg is something that astounds him. UGG Slippers “I’m surprised anyone would be desperate to seek out something so wilfully ugly,” he says. “I think it’s interesting that Ugg’s sheepskin boots and slip-ons are having a bit of a men’s moment, which seems to be driven by an ‘anything goes’ style,” agrees Esquire’s style director, Jonathan Evans. In a world where the Croc and Birkenstock have gone haute, Margiela’s cloven-hooved shoes exist and the heeled flip-flop is worn by Kim Kardashian, Katie Holmes and Rihanna, perhaps the return of the Ugg isn’t so weird after all.

    I notice the men’s shoes. They don’t look like old sacks; in fact, they don’t look like the traditional Men's/Women/s UGG Slippers. So the success story behind Uggs for men is making shoes that don’t look like Uggs at all. Despite being called “the male version of the classic Ugg” by VP of marketing Ian Stewart, their most popular men’s shoe, the Neumel, looks more like a chunky desert boot. He says they have been targeting the hip-hop and sports communities, so shifting the association with yoga pants for ever.