How to display brand features in the Mid-Autumn Mooncake Gift B

  • Before the Mid-Autumn Festival, many Western luxury brands designed their own branded Mid-Autumn Mooncake gift boxes for their customers and business partners. As part of their globalization strategy, major international brands are paying more and more attention to traditional Chinese festivals, such as Mid-Autumn Festival, Spring Festival and so on.


    The Mid-Autumn Festival originated in ancient China, popularized in the Han Dynasty, shaped in the Tang Dynasty, and prevailed after the Song Dynasty. It is a traditional cultural festival popular in China and the global Chinese regions around the world. It represents a reunion. Today, the Mid-Autumn Festival has changed from a traditional Chinese festival to a world-recognized festival, and eating moon cakes is still the most deeply rooted tradition. Luxury brands have cleverly used this tradition, not only showing their views on fashion through carefully designed Mid-Autumn Mooncake custom gift boxes, but also connecting with traditional Chinese culture. Below, we will sort out the moon cake gift boxes of the five major luxury brands in terms of brand characteristics, cultural interpretation, and taste.



    Fendi's moon cake gift box can be said to be one of the best in terms of creativity and cultural interpretation. Fendi's moon cake gift box design reminds us of ancient traditional lunch boxes. In terms of brand characteristics, Fendi printed their logo on the moon cake gift box and each moon cake. In terms of taste, moon cakes not only reflect traditional Chinese culture, but also reflect more modern Western tastes such as the love printed heart shaped gift packaging box. The flavors of moon cakes are mainly Western-style cranberry flavor and Chinese-style lotus paste and egg yolk flavor. In general, Fendi’s identity has always echoed the theme of the Mid-Autumn Festival, and the gift box can also be used as a storage for jewelry after use.


    Dior Mooncake Packaging Box

    Dior's mooncake gift box may be the most romantic one. When the moon cake packaging box is opened, a Chinese-style folding fan will be unfolded, revealing a scented candle and 8 moon cakes. The mooncake gift box is mainly blue, decorated with golden stars and Christian Dior's signature. Each mooncake is printed with a separate letter, which is the letter of Dior.


    Louis Vuitton Mooncake Packaging Box

    Louis Vuitton uses its brand colors Safran Impérial (royal orange) and navy blue as the main colors. Inside the box is a blue hot air balloon floating on auspicious clouds, which is also a symbol of good wishes in China. The center of the balloon is hollow and decorated with LV's classic four-leaf clover logo. But unlike other brands, the Louis Vuitton gift box does not contain moon cakes, but five different colors of chocolate.


    Tiffany & Co. Mooncake Packaging Box

    Tiffany & Co.'s moon cake gift box is inspired by the art of Chinese paper-cutting. They used two layers of hollow engraved packaging to reproduce the famous window of Tiffany's headquarters at 727 Fifth Avenue, but what is really connected with traditional Chinese culture is that when you turn on the light switch in the box, the whole moon cake gift box becomes Chinese traditional folk craft lanterns. The most important thing about Tiffany Mooncake Gift Box is its practicality. After eating the moon cakes, the moon cake box itself can be used as a fashionable table lamp.


    Prada Mooncake Packaging Box

    Prada's moon cake gift box uses a completely different method. The structure is a round shaped box, and the graphic design uses their popular banana print. After opening the gift box, the six moon cakes are rounded into a circle, perfectly expressing the festive features of the Mid-Autumn Festival reunion. Although it is not as gorgeous as other gift boxes, we think Prada has done a good job of maintaining its brand image while also capturing the characteristics of the festival.


    The Mid-Autumn Festival is also attracting more and more attention around the world. In order to resonate with traditional Chinese festivals, many luxury brands will customize mooncake gift boxes with traditional Chinese holiday styles before the festival, and display the brand's characteristics in their luxury packaging boxes. .