Automatic horizontal carousel: advantages

  • The automatic horizontal carousel is the powerful choice for all those industrial companies that are confronted with intensive order picking on a daily basis, not only in sales but also in production.

    As already mentioned, in contrast to the automatic vertical warehouse, the horizontal carousel does not develop in height, but consists of a series of containers that rotate horizontally on a stainless steel rail and bring the products directly to the operator in the picking area.


    But what are the advantages?

    Increased productivity

    As it is an automatic system that allows the operator to reduce his or her movements, it is easy to see how it saves time and increases productivity.

    In addition, the horizontal carousels can be used in groups next to each other: while an operator removes from one carousel within the group, the other carousels rotate and prepare the material for subsequent removal. This minimizes operator downtime and exponentially increases performance and thus productivity.

    Lower risks for operators

    The operators work safely and ergonomically. Safety storage and production systems prevent any contact with the moving parts of the carousel. The safety systems avoid any contact with the moving parts of the carousel.

    In addition, warehouse workers do not have to climb ladders or other aids to pick up goods, ensuring a safer work environment.


    Space optimization

    The products are stored and organized in a compact, highly compressed storage area.

    Goods under control

    All picking processes are monitored and documented, which enables complete traceability of orders and stocks.

    Storage flexibility

    The management of the carousel groups as well as the distance between the container shelves can easily be adjusted to accommodate changing product mixes or seasonal order peaks. The distance between the carousels can be changed to avoid obstacles such as support pillars or other obstacles. In addition, the position of the control cabinet can be selected with a high degree of freedom, and the circumference is usually designed to match the installation site.


    KenWei: The new vertical carousel

    KenWei has been involved in warehouse automation for years and recently launched the new HC horizontal carousel to meet the requirements for automated storage even in environments in which the room height cannot be used.